Mobile "nice to know" (in Denmark... +45)

Send SMS via (worked in 2005!)

Send en SMS-besked via
Mobilnummer :
Dit navn :
Besked :

, og laves automatisk om til ae, oe og aa.

Send e-mail to (Danish) mobile phones (valid 1998!):

TeleDanmark -
Sonofon -
Mobilix -
Instead of 12345678 you put the mobile number.

Mobile phones... (written 2001!)

Like, I feel, almost everybody, in the technologized part of the world, it seems that I just got to have a mobile phone. Therefore I'm supplied with one of these wonders from my firm. One of my dear colleges has made some fun of my handling and configuration of this wonder. That's when I decided to make our company logo to MY phone as a small revenge. It took a couple of hour's of my spare time at home, but in the end I managed to make, and load (!!!), a fair, I think, green/black version of our logo to my phone. I guess you're welcome to use it, but on the other hand, I don't run around with logo's of other companies on my phone, or anywhere else...

If you got a Nokia phone (that supports logo change...) and wanna make your own logo (or download a lot of pre-designed logo's), then try the "GroupGraphicEditor11" and "OperatorLogoUploader" from They are really great tools...