Looooooot Of Smileys And Other Symbols

Please turn your monitor 90 degrees to the right, it wont work to just turn your keyboard...

-( always should wear safety glasses, especially in the laser burn-in room
!-( black eye
!-| "I-am-a-Cylon-Centurian-with-one-red-eye-bouncing-back-and-forth."
!.'v (profile) flat top
!|:-( ) being brained by a baseball bat
#(,'%/) slept too long on one side and didn't have time to wash hair
#-) partied all night
#:-) "Everything you know is wrong"
#:-) for people whose hair is in a mess, like mine
#:-) smiley done by someone with matted hair
#:-o "Jesus built my hotrod"
#:-o "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)
#:-o smiley done by someone with matted hair
#:o+= Betty Boop
$$ for academic jobs
$$$ for industrial jobs
$$$$ for people starting up their own company
$-) Alex P. Keaton (from "Family Ties")
$-) won big at Las Vegas
$-) won the lottery
$-) yuppie
% for bike accidents (a bit far-fetched, I suppose)
%') after drinking a fifth for lunch
%*@:-( hung over
%*} very drunk
%+{ lost a fight
%-( confusion
%-(I) laughing out loud
%-) elephant man
%-) after staring at the terminal for 36 hours
%-) broken glasses
%-) cross-eyed
%-) drunk with laughter
%-) long bangs
%-6 braindead
%-{I} drunk with laughter
%-\ hungover
%-^ Picasso
%-{ sad variation
%-| been working all night
%-} humor variation
%-~ Picasso
%\v Picasso
&-| tearful
&.(.. crying
&:-) curly hair
'-) one eyed man
'-) only has a left eye, which is closed
'-) wink
':-) accidentally shaved off one of his eyebrows this morning
':-) one eyebrow
'~;E unspecified 4-legged critter
( unhappy Cheshire cat
( o ) ( o ) hooters
(!) reference to non-Vanderbilt SEC football
($) speculation on why Vanderbilt is in the SEC
() reference to football
(,'%/) slept too long on one side
(-) needing a haircut
(-) needs a haircut
(-.-) Zzz... sleeping
(-: Australian
(-: Don Ellis from Tektronix
(-: left-handed
(-::-) Siamese twins
(-:|:-) Siamese twins
(-E: wearing bifocals
(-_-) secret smile
(-o-) Imperial Tie Fighter ("Star Wars")
(.)(.) big boobs, little nipples
(00) mooning you
(8-) wears glasses
(8-o Mr. Bill
(8-{)} glasses, moustache and a beard
(: (=| wearing a ghost costume
(:)-) likes to scuba dive
(:)-) scuba diving
(:+) big nose
(:- unsmiley frowning
(:-# I am smiling and I have braces (watch out for the glare!)
(:-# said something he shouldn't have
(:-$ ill
(:-$ ill-informed about the Renaissance
(:-& Rosicrucian
(:-& angry
(:-( Sting
(:-( frowning
(:-( unsmiley frowning
(:-) "I never sang for my grandfather"
(:-) big-face
(:-) no hair
(:-) smiley big-face
(:-) surprised
(:-) wearing bicycle helmet
(:-* kissing
(:-... heart-broken
(:-D blabber mouth
(:-I egghead
(:-\ VERY sad
(:-{~ bearded
(:-|K- formally attired
(:<) Rastafari
(:<) blabber mouth
(:=) TWO noses (?)
(:>-< thief: hands up!
(:I egghead
(:^( Jack Nicholson in Chinatown
(:^( broken nose
(@ @) You're kidding!
(H f Robocop in a hydraulic press
(O--< fishy
(V)=| pacman champion
(X0||) double hamburger with lettuce and tomato
([( Robocop
(^^)y-~~~ smoking
(o)(o) big boobs, big nipples
(x) reference to Vanderbilt football
(|-| F Robocop
(}-8] left-handed bearded smiley with glasses and headphones
) Cheshire cat
)8-) scuba smiley big-face
):-( unsmiley big-face
):-) smiley big-face
*!#*!^*&:-) a schizophrenic
** for winter sports generally
**-( too many shocks
*-( Cyclops got poked in the eye
*-) shot dead
*8-) Beaker (the Muppet lab assistant)
*:* fuzzy
*:** fuzzy with a fuzzy mustache
*:o) Bozo the Clown
*<.'v (profile) wearing snow cap
*<8-)X party outfit with hat and bow-tie
*<:-) Santa Claus
*<|:-) Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
*<|:-)) Santa Claus
*L* blotto
*| for oh what a beautiful sunset
+-(:-) Religious leader
+-(:-) the Pope
+-:-) priest
+:-) priest
+:-) smiley priest
+<.'v (profile) knight
+<:-) "Peace be upon you, my children..."
+<:-| monk/nun
+<||-) knight
+O:-) the Pope
,-) one eye ... and winking
,-) other eyed man
,-} wry and winking
,.'v (profile) has short hair
,:-) David Ogden Stiers' toupee
,:-) shaved his left eyebrow off this morning
- Helen Keller
- @= messages about nuclear war
- -:-( punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile) (alternate version)
- -:-) punk rocker (alternate version)
-) Jose Feliciano
---... SOS (variant)
---...--- SOS (really OSO, but retained anyway)
-/- stirring up trouble
-:) has mohawk
-:-( punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)
-:-) has mohawk
-:-) punk rocker
-= a doused candle (to end a flame)
-=#:-) wizard
->- for airline tickets going cheap
->=:-)X Zippy the Pinhead
.'! (profile) grim
.'" (profile) pursing lips
.'J (profile) smiling
.'P (profile) sticking tongue out
.'T (profile) keeping a straight face
.'U (profile) yawning
.'V (profile) shouting
.'Y (profile) whistling
.'\ (profile) frowning
.'r (profile) sticking tongue out
.'v (profile) talking
.'w (profile) speaking with forked tongue
.-( always should wear safety glasses
.-) Sammy Davis, Jr.
.-) one eye
.-] one eye
...---... ABBA fan
...---... SOS
.....( Wile E. Coyote after attempt on Road Runner's life
.\/ duck variation
.^v (profile) pointy nose
._) suffering from Lorentz contraction (they're coming every ten minutes now)
._) suffering from Lorentz contractions
/8^{~ hair line, glasses, moustache, and goatee
/:-| Mr. Spock
/;-) has one big thick cockeyed eyebrow
/\ for camping and backpacking
0-( scuba diver with a broken mask
0-) Cyclops
0-) arc-welder
0-) scuba diver
0-) smiley cyclops (scuba diver?)
0:-) angel
2B|^2B "Forty Seconal should suffice"
2B|^2B message about Shakespeare
3 :-) Bart Simpson
3:*> Rudolph the reindeer
3:-o cow
3:[ mean pet smiley
3:] pet smiley
3:o[ net.pets
4:-) George Washington
5:-) Elvis Presley
6\/) elephant
7:) Ronald Reagan
7:-) Fred Flintstone
7:^] Ronald Reagan
8 infinity
8 :-) wizard
8 :-I net.unix-wizards
8(:-) Mousketeer
8(:-) Walt Disney
8) frog
8*) glasses and a moustache
8-# death
8-) "I was the second gunman"
8-) excited
8-) glasses
8-) sunglasses
8-) swimmer
8-) wide-eyed look
8-* just ate a hot pepper
8-O "Omigod!!" (done after "rm -rf *" ?)
8-O took too many nodoz to work on thesis
8-O --* just before doubling over with pain
8-P reaction to College Cafeteria Coffee
8-S sees all evil
8-] "wow, maaan"
8-o Mr. Bill
8-| eyes wide with surprise
8-| suspense
8:) pig
8:-) glasses on forehead
8:-) little girl
8:] gorilla
8=:-) Galloping Gourmet
8=:-) chef
8===> dickhead
8P bullfrog in mating season
8^ chicken
8_) don't get your nose out of joint
8b bullfrog in mating season
: ) leper
:###) Jimmy Durante
:$) Donald Trump
:%) an accountant
:%)% has acne
:'( crying
:'-( crying
:'-) crying with happiness
:'O Bob Hope
:'} Richard Nixon
:( frowning
:( sad
:(=) Jimmy Carter
:) Cheshire cat smile
:) happy
:) midget smiley
:) salamander
:* kisses
:*) Ed McMahon
:*) drunk
:*) drunk smiling face, for those of us who like get intoxicated before
or while reading netnews
:*) everyman
:*) smile with moustache
:+( punched nose, hurt
:+) Carl Friedrich Gauss
:,( crying
:- male
:- prolog programmer
:-! bland face
:-! smiley bland face
:-" heavy smoker
:-" pursing lips
:-# braces
:-# mouth zipped
:-# my lips are sealed
:-# punched in the mouth
:-#| bushy mustache
:-#| smiley face with bushy mustache
:-$ "These braces sure do hurt!"
:-$ mouth wired shut
:-$ sellout (does NOT rhyme with zealot!)
:-$ smiley face with it's mouth wired shut
:-$ uncertainty
:-% banker
:-% bearded
:-% smiley banker
:-% talking out of both sides of mouth
:-& tongue-tied
:-' smoker
:-'| has a cold
:-( "I will start with those you love most"
:-( Drama
:-( boo hoo
:-( frowning
:-( has read too many 'smiley' articles
:-( mad
:-( sad
:-( sad face, 'that comment makes me sad (mad)'
:-( un-smiley
:-( 8==o can't get it up
:-( ) You backed your car over my toe
:-( :- impotent (or let down)
:-( ) You stepped on my toe
:-( : - small-breasted female
:-( :-( :-( :-! Taylor Caldwell
:-() I stubbed my toe
:-(*) sick of netnews articles, about to vomit
:-(0) yelling
:-(=) big teeth
:-(>~ "I just washed my goatee, and I can't do nuthin' with it."
:-(O) yelling
:-) "We are all, each of us, alone"
:-) Comedy
:-) Your basic smiley. This smiley is used to inflect a sarcastic or
joking statement since we can't hear voice inflection over Unix.
:-) ha ha
:-) happy
:-) humorous
:-) smiley standard
:-) smiling
:-) the normal smiling face, appended to a sentence or an article means
'this is a joke' or 'this is supposed to make you laugh'
:-) , outie belly button
:-) . innie belly button
:-) 8 Dolly Parton
:-) < slut
:-) < ... :-) < ... :-) < ... nymphomaniac
:-) > celibate
:-) -8 blue balls
:-) -: smiley with an erection
:-) -^-: in need of some corrective surgery
:-) :-... taking a leak
:-) )-: masking theatrical comments
:-) *=====8 Long Dong Silver
:-) --- John Holmes
:-) ... :-( ... :-) ... :-( ... manic depressive
:-) 8 - female
:-) :-( :-| :-? Edgar Cayce
:-) :-) :-) loud guffaw
:-) :-) :-) :-) Shirley MacLaine
:-)!!! Sam Kinnison
:-)' drooling
:-)) double chin
:-))) William Conrad
:-))) very overweight
:-)* speaks Esperanto
:-)-- 98-pound weakling
:-)-8 big girl
:-)-O smiling doctor with stethoscope
:-)-{8 big girl
:-)-}8 big girl
:-)8 man with bowtie
:-)8 well dressed
:-)== Arnold Schwarzenegger
:-)X wearing a bowtie
:-)} has goatee/beard
:-)~ drooling
:-* Oops!
:-* Oops! (covering mouth with hand)
:-* after eating something bitter or sour
:-, "Hmmmm."
:-, smirking
:--) Jamie Farr (Klinger from M*A*S*H)
:------------) big liar
:-.) Madonna
:-.) Marilyn Monroe
:-/ lefty undecided smiley
:-/ skeptical
:-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)
:-0 orator
:-0 smiley orator
:-0 user can't find shift key
:-0==8 oral sex
:-1 bland face
:-1 smiley bland face
:-6 after eating something sour
:-6 smiley after eating something sour
:-7 smiley after a wry statement
:-7 smokes a pipe
:-7 talking out of side of mouth
:-7 wry face
:-8 talking out both sides of your mouth
:-8( condescending stare
:-9 licking its lips
:-9 smiley licking it's lips
:-: mutant
:-: mutant smiley
:-: toothless
:-< frowning
:-< moustache
:-< real sad
:-< real sad smiley
:-=) Adolph Hitler
:-=) older smiley with mustache
:-> biting sarcastic face
:-> deformed lips
:-> happy
:-> hey hey
:-> yet another smiley
:->X==| smiley formalware
:-? smiley smoking a pipe
:-? smoking a pipe
:-? tongue in cheek
:-@ "I swear"
:-@ beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso.
:-@ extremely angry
:-@ screaming
:-@ smiley face screaming
:-@ swearing
:-B drooling
:-C just totally unbelieving
:-C really bummed out
:-D "I am wearing garters"
:-D big smile
:-D laughing (at you!)
:-D said with a smile
:-D talking too much
:-D wider happy face
:-E bucktoothed vampire
:-E has major dental problems
:-F bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
:-G- smoking cigarettes
:-I hmm
:-I indifferent
:-I thinking
:-J tongue-in-cheek comments
:-M speaking no evil
:-O Mr. Bill
:-O Wow!
:-O birth
:-O ohh, big mouth, Mick Jagger
:-O uh oh
:-O yelling
:-O>-o smiley American tourist (note big mouth and camera)
:-P "I have a longer tongue than Gene Simmons"
:-P Nyahhhh!
:-P has a secret to tell you
:-P nyah nyah
:-P sticking out tongue
:-P telling secrets
:-P tongue hanging out in anticipation
:-Q smoker
:-Q~ smoking
:-R has the flu
:-S just made an incoherent statement
:-T keeping a straight face
:-T keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)
:-V shouting
:-W speak with forked tongue
:-X A big wet kiss!
:-X bow tie
:-X my lips are sealed
:-Y a quiet aside
:-[ biting criticism
:-[ biting criticism smiling face, ditto for criticism
:-[ blockhead
:-[ pouting
:-[ sarcastic
:-[ un-smiley blockhead
:-[ vampire
:-\ Popeye
:-\ undecided smiley
:-\ 8o after a cold shower
:-] biting sarcasm
:-] biting sarcasm smiling face, used when sarcasm is intended,
since we cannot inflect our voice over the net
:-] blockhead
:-] sarcastic
:-] smiley blockhead
:-` smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco
:-` spitting out chewing tobacco
:-a lefty smiley touching tongue to nose
:-b "I have a longer tongue than Gene Simmons, only it is cloven"
:-b left-pointing tongue
:-bill Zydeco Bill, with harmonica in mouth and washboard on chest
:-c bummed out
:-c real unhappy
:-d lefty smiley razzing you
:-d~ smokes heavily
:-e disappointed
:-f sticking tongue out
:-i semi-smiley
:-j left smiling smiley
:-k beats me, looks like something, though
:-l yet another smiley
:-o "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)
:-o "Oh, the humanity!"
:-o Mr. Bill
:-o Uh oh!
:-o Wow!
:-o shocked
:-o singing national anthem
:-o smiley singing national anthem
:-o surprise
:-o yawn
:-o ^^^^: after zipping up fly too fast
:-p smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)
:-p~ smokes heavily
:-q smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose
:-q trying to touch tongue to nose
:-r sticking tongue out
:-s after a BIZARRE comment
:-s smiley after a BIZARRE comment
:-t cross smiley
:-v speaking
:-v talking head smiley
:-w speak with forked tongue
:-x "my lips are sealed"
:-x "my lips are sealed" smiley
:-x kiss kiss
:-x not telling any secrets
:-y said with a smile
:-z y.a.s.
:-z yet another cross smiley
:-{ mustache
:-{ smiley variation on a theme
:-{ -__-: after slamming the toilet seat
:-{#} messages teasing people about their braces
:-{) moustache
:-{) normal smiling face with a moustache
:-{} heavy lipstick
:-{~ has read too many of the toilet paper articles previous to lunch
:-| "have an ordinary day"
:-| "have an ordinary day" smiley
:-| grim
:-| no expression
:-| no expression face, 'that comment doesn't phase me'
:-| 8( )- pregnant female
:-| :-| deja' vu
:-|| angry
:-} "Thish wine tashted pretty good"
:-} beard
:-} fiendish grin
:-} lipstick
:-} normal smiling face with pretty lips
:-} pretty lips
:-} wears lipstick or some other lip appearance improving device
:-} -oo-: taking matters into hand
:-~) has a cold
:/) not funny
:/7) Cyrano de Bergerac
:/i no smoking
:0 blowjob
:3-< dog
:8) pig
::-) wears glasses
::=)) double vision or needs new shocks
:< midget unsmiley
:< what pretences!
:<() African tribesman
:<) from an Ivy League School
:<)= for those with beards too
:<= walrus
:<| attends an Ivy League school
:= | Baboon
:= | baboon
:=) has two noses
:=8) baboon
:> hmm, let me think...
:> midget smiley
:>) big nose
:?) philosopher
:@ what?
:@) pig
:C what?
:D laughter
:I Hmmm, not funny!
:O blowjob
:O yelling
:P sticking out tongue
:Q smoking
:Q what?
:Q) John Q. Public
:Ui smoking
:Uj smoking (and smiling)
:V woodpecker
:V) woodpecker
:X lips are sealed
:X) hearing no evil
:[ real downer
:] Gleep...a friendly midget smiley who will gladly be your friend
:^( has had his nose put out of joint; useful for replying to flames
:^) 3/4 view of person with elf-type sharp nose
:^) broken nose
:^) smiley with pointy nose (righty)
:^D "Great! I like it!"
:^{ for those with moustaches
:^{)> moustache and beard
:_) after a fight where his nose was smashed in
:_) nose sliding off face
:b sticking out tongue
:c) big nose variant
:c< big nose variant
:d stick out your tongue
:n) funny-looking right nose
:o) Stimpy (of Ren & Stimpy)
:q vi user saying, "How do I get out of this damn emacs editor?"
:u) funny-looking left nose
:v) left-pointing broken nose
:v) left-pointing nose
:{ oh boy, the headmaster!...
:} What should we call these? (what?)
:~( nose put out of joint
:~) Peter Ubberoth
:~) needs a nosejob
:~) pointy nose (righty)
:~) smiling face needs a nosejob, no explanation necessary
:~) ugly nose
:~-( crying
:~-) so happy, s/he is crying
:~/ really mixed up
; Cheshire cat with gingivitis
;( crying
;) winking
;-( 'that makes me so mad that if I ever see you I'll punch your lights out'
;-( beaten up
;-( crying
;-( sad face gets his lights punched out
;-( sad or mad and got beat up
;-) "If you touch my daughter again, they won't be blanks"
;-) a practical joker who played one too many and got beat up
;-) beaten up
;-) could be pirate smiling face??
;-) crying with happiness
;-) getting fresh
;-) sardonic incredulity
;-) smiling face gets his lights punched out
;-) winking
;-) ===8 circumcised
;-) o===8 braggart
;-) o=====8 braggart with erection
;-? wry tongue in cheek
;-D a friendly, winking, laughing smile
;-\ Popeye beaten up
;-\ Popeye gets his lights punched out
;-| beaten up but silent
;-| no expression face gets his lights punched out
;-| says nothing but still gets beat up
;-} leer? (terminal dependent)
;:-) really bad toupee
;^? punched out
<&&> message concerning rubber chickens
<*:oDX clown with bowtie and dunce
<:-( disappointed
<:-( dunce
<:-) Vietnamese peasant
<:-) dumb questions
<:-)<<| in a space rocket
<:-I dunce
<:-O Eeek!
<:>== a turkey emoticon
<:I dunce
<<<<(:-) hat salesman
<= for messages about housing in the Snow Belt
<@:{(>X mustached chinese man with a toupee (also sporting a goatee and
a bowtie)
< I==I ) on four wheels
<{:-)} in a bottle
<|-( Chinese and doesn't like these kind of jokes
<|-(= Chinese and doesn't like this article
<|-(= Chinese and unhappy
<|-) Chinese
<|-)= Chinese
=) variation on a theme...
=):-) Uncle Sam
=-O the Enterprise
=-O * * * the Enterprise firing photon torpedoes
=-O~~~ the Enterprise firing phasers
=.'v (profile) has mohawk
=0== Mexican on a railroad!
=8-> a nerd smiley that's unbearably pleased with itself
=:-#} punk rocker with a mustache
=:-#} smiley punk with a mustache....
=:-( punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)
=:-( smiley punk-rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)
=:-) hosehead
=:-) punk rocker
=:-) smiley punk-rocker
=:-H football player
==#== railroad crossings
===:[OO']>:=== has been railroaded
=====:} snake
=^) [Axl]
=t== Mexican run over by train
=|:-) Abe Lincoln
=|:-)= Abe Lincoln
>%) Wile E. Coyote
>- female
>-< absolutely livid!!
>-> china man
>-^);> fish
>8o!... Bugs Bunny with carrot
>:) a little devil
>:*) Bozo the Clown
>:-( mad, annoyed
>:-( sick and tired of reading this nonsense
>:-( 8 *>- for disparaging opinions on feminists
>:-) devil
>:-< mad
>:-> devilish
>:-I net.startrek
>:-b left-pointing tongue smiley
>:^( headhunter (Amazon style)
>;-) devilish wink
>;-> winky and devil combined. A very lewd remark was just made.
>< >< about/to someone wearing argyle socks
>>-O-> General Custer
>>>>>:============ an asparagus
>>>>>>:=======------ an asparagus
>[I Television
>w nose-thumbing gesture
>|( Robocop: "Thank you for your co-operation."
>|-> Chinese
?-( about people with a black eye
?-( has black eye
?:) single curl of hair
@%&$%& N.W.A. fan
@%&$%& You know what that means...
@%&$%&$\&*@%$#@ you know what that means...
@-( "Ulysses! Bring me Ulysses!"
@-) Cyclops
@-) Space... The Final Frontier
@-) seeing stars
@.'v (profile) has curly hair
@:-) Indian (East)
@:-) wavy hair
@:-) wearing a turban
@:I turban
@= "Kafka was a momma's boy"
@= flame about nuclear war, power or weapons follows (mushroom cloud)
@= pro-nuclear war
@>--->---- a rose
@O=E<= woman in skirt wearing turtleneck sweater
@l@ too many hours at terminal
B) frog wearing sunglasses
B-(8 Sir Robin Day (a British BBC TV presenter, famed for his grumpy
countenance, and who wears glasses and a bow tie)
B-) "Holy trichinosis!"
B-) "I pray daily for death"
B-) "Let's do the beach, man!"
B-) Batman
B-) glasses
B-) horn-rimmed glasses
B-) horn-rims
B-) sunglasses
B-)-[< sunglasses and swimming trunk
B-D "Serves you right, dummy!!"
B-| cheap sunglasses
B:-) sunglasses on head
B^) hornrimmed glasses
C:# football player
C:-) large brain capacity
C=:-) Galloping Gourmet
C=:-) chef
C=>8*) devilish chef with glasses and a moustache
C=}>;*{)) mega-smiley... a drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft,
a mustache, and a double chin
C=}>;*{O) mega-smiley... a drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft,
a mustache, and a double chin
C|:-= Charlie Chaplin
E-:-) ham radio operator
E-:-I net.ham-radio
EK( Frankenstien
Honk! oo---oo-Bo semi-truck moving right
Ic:() pygmy with bone in hair
K:P a little kid with a propeller beanie
K;)B seductive woman with bow in her hair
L:-) just graduated
M-) sees no evil
M-),:X),:-M sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil
M.^.M nirvana or the failure of a chiropracter
M:-) saluting
O 8-) the angelic halo look
O :-) an angel (at heart, at least)
O |-) net.religion
O+ appropriate for women's messages, surely?
O-&-< doing nothing
O-(==< chastised and/or chagrined, or is merely asleep.
O-) Megaton Man, on patrol!
O-) cyclops
O-) scuba diver
O-G-< pointing to self
O-S-< in a hurry
O-Z-< in a big hurry
O:-) acting very innocent (halo)
O:-) with halo
O>-<|= of interest to women
OO headlights on msg
P-) Colonel Klink (Hogan's Heroes)
P-) getting fresh
Q:-) new graduate
R-) broken glasses
XX-( just died
XX-( net.suicide
[8-{) bearded smiley with glasses and headphones
[:-) listening to walkman
[:-) wearing a walkman
[:-] square head
[:] robot
[:|] robot (or other AI project)
[= for messages about housing in Arizona
[] hugs
\.^./ lotus position, seen from above
\/\/\/\,8-O really should fix frayed line cord on terminal
\:-) french hat
\:^) gumby smiley
\o/ PTL (praise the lord, or pass the loot?)
]:-) The Devil
]:-> The Devil
^(^ happy variation
^)^ ^(^ two people talking
^L^ happy
^v^v^ mountains
_:^) American Indian
_\\// Vulcan salute
__! enough for now
__. properly chastised and/or chagrined, or is merely asleep
__.^.__ spread-eagled
__/~`-'~\_/ line of thought isn't quite a line
__Q~`__ cat
_______ Wile E. Coyote under rock
_______ a He-Ne laser line
_______ student EEG on Saturday night
`-_-' Have you hugged your wolf today?
`:-) shaved his right eyebrow off this morning
`^J smiley
d :-o hats off to your great idea
d.'v (profile) wearing hard hat
d8= Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat
d:-) baseball player
g-) wearing pince-nez glasses
i-=<*** __. CAUTION: has flame thrower and uses it!
i-=<****** o-(==< CAUTION: has flame thrower and uses it!
i-=<***i CAUTION: has flame thrower
o-) Cyclops
o-<:-{{{ santa
o/ raised hand
o= a burning candle (for flames)
o>-<|= of interest only to women
o>8<|= messages about interesting women
oF-oo---oo semi-truck moving left
oO:-)*** Santa Claus
oo "It's cold out"
oo somebody's head-lights are on
oo- puzzled, confused
ouch... O>--< dead driver/passenger on pavement
pp# cow
pq`#' bull
q:-) wearing baseball cap backwards
r:-) wearing ponytail
y:-) bad toupee
{ Alfred Hitchcock
{ a psycho
{ :-) Marge Simpson (Homer's wife)
{(:-) wearing toupee
{0-) Cyclops
{8-} grinning mischievously (or just charmingly)
{:-) hair parted in the middle
{:-) new hair style
{:-) smiley with its hair parted in the middle
{:-) wearing a toupee
{:-{)} new hair style, mustache and beard
{:\/ sounds like a duck
{:^=( Adolph Hitler
{= for messages about housing
{{-}}} refugee from the '60's
{} 'no comment'
| for bike fleet messages
|) salamander
|-( asleep with nightmares
|-( late at night
|-( yawn
|-) Chinese
|-) Same as :-) but poster is Oriental
|-) asleep (boredom)
|-) hee hee
|-<> kissy face
|-D ho ho
|-I sleeping
|-O birth
|-O bored
|-O yawning/snoring
|-P reaction to unusually ugly C code
|-P yuk
|-{ "Good Grief!" (Charlie Brown?)
|:-) heavy eyebrows
|:-O (no explanation given)
|:-| excessively rigid
|:[' Groucho Marx
|I asleep
|^o snoring
|| for messages about cars or other four-wheeled vehicles
||*( handshake offered
||*) handshake accepted
|~( "Someone just busted my nose".
}(:-( wearing toupee in wind
}-) a wry grin
}:-( bull headed
}:-( toupee in an updraft
}:-) hair parted in the middle in an updraft
}:-) wearing toupee in an updraft
}:-< cat
}:^#}) mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley with a
}:~#}) mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley with a
}}\/=oo---oo Crash! semi-truck after collision
~ :-( particularly angry
~#:-( "I just washed my hair, and I can't do nuthin' with it."
~'v (profile) has long bangs
~:-( net.flame
~= a candle, to annotate flaming messages
~== flame follows (picture of a lit match or candle)
~M`'~ camel
~~:-( net.flame
~~\8-O needs to fix frayed cord on terminal
~~~\8-O zapped by frayed cord on terminal
~~~c___ beach
~~~~8} snake
~~~~~8} snake
~~~~~:> person in a transporter beam
~~~~~> photon