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The Links... the list of some of the site's we have come around on our journey on the world wide web, since our first "surf" in 1996. It's not intended to be complete or representative, but just a place where we can go if the bookmark file isn't available. On the other hand we are always interested on information about new and exciting places. Because we have our origin in Denmark, you'll see that the links will have a preference for Danish links, still we try to look beyond the borders of our littel country. This list of links is in a permanent state of becoming UN-useful due to the fact that everything move around in the current version of the web. Because we, in our current situation, can't and won't use a lot of our time maintaining the links, it is possible to find "dead" links. Still, we check them from time to time. Take them "as-is" and a help to get to other sites pointing to other sites, refereeing to other sites, again pointing, maybe to this site...
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bear over with that some links always have to expire over time and point to something completely different... Be critical and use common sense banner add